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her cuzzart an chatom

what the hell
does that mean

an Apache war chant

or ancient Sumarian curse

Norse toast
to Odin
and the dominion of giants
or maybe a plea
to tiny Irish folk


is this something
Socrates might have
said to his students,
I think
someone else
has to pay for the

it�s not Spanish
and it�s not Russian
both of which I studied
or German where
I lived for a year
and drank a lot of beer
and listened to a lot
of beergarden German
and it�s not
any of their linguistic
cousins because I would
recognize them in a minute,
especially with another beer

and it�s probably not French
since it�s pronounceable
as written
so I just don�t know

I know it�s not Nigerian
because I�ve had lots
of email from them
and it�s nothing they�ve
ever said

I mean,
for crying out loud

her cuzzart an chatom

that�s what it says,
right there on the email
subject line and I�m afraid
to open because I don�t know
what it means, I don�t know
what it is

a coded message
from terrorists,
a trick by Homeland Security
to catch me at something
but I don�t know what
and send me to Cuba
for seventeen years
and I don�t even like
camping out on the beach

her cuzzart an chatom

I�m so confused
and just don�t know
what I supposed to do

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